Haitian easy-to-read Bible translation is under way

By February 19, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — The World Bible Translation Center is asking you and pray and get involved in seeing their Easy-To-Read translation of the Bible completed in Haitian Creole.

7.5 million people speak Haitian Creole. WBTC's Yancy Smith says the need for this type of translation is huge. "There has been a text for a long time, but it's not well distributed; people can't get access to it. Another major problem is that the Bible is largely available only in French, and most people understand French with great difficulty."

According to Smith, French is almost a foreign language to the average person on the streets of Haiti. Having it in an easy-to-read version is also a great need because education isn't the best in Haiti right now.

The work isn't done yet, says Smith. "The Gospels are largely completed. We're working now on the Epistles in the New Testament. Next year, we'd like to start on the Old Testament."

However, there's a problem with that plan. "We don't have the funding for it," says Smith. "So, we need brothers and sisters out there to respond to the need to get this Bible finished and get this in the hands of the Haitian people."

Translating a Bible isn't cheap. Smith says, "The entire 66 books of the Bible takes about $25 a verse from start to finish. And so, that comes out [to] over $500,000."

Voodoo is pervasive throughout the country. However, people are ready for this. "Churches are growing. It's a ripe field. The power of the Gospel is confronting voodoo on the Island. The evangelical churches are making great strides," says Smith.

He believes it will enhance ministry in Haiti. "This project will help make the Bible in easy to read Haiti available across the island to whoever needs it. And, it will be available for ministries to distribute for free."

It'll also be available free on the internet.

If you'd like to help World Bible Translation Center with this Haitian Creole translation, click here.

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