Haitian “JESUS” film teams update

By January 27, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Fresh looting and chaotic aid distribution
emphasize the grim conditions facing survivors. According to the United Nations,
up to one million people are homeless, in need of food, water and shelter. 

Many tens of thousands are clumped together in the parks;
others are moving from place to place to stay safe from the roving bands of armed
looters. The situation makes re-establishing
communications even more difficult.

Ministries are trying to find their teams. For the JESUS Film Project teams in
Haiti, there is good news and sad news. By
the grace of God, the lives of the Campus Crusade for Christ national director (who leads these teams) and his family were spared. Four of the teams have been
located, and the members are safe; but two other team members are still

In spite of the uncertainty, the teams are partnering
with churches to help give out aid and show the "JESUS" film in and around aid
centers. Staff members believe that in the aftermath of this tragedy, spiritual
barriers that have long dominated Haiti could be broken.

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