Haitian radio is reaching the world for Christ

By March 31, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — Men for Missions, the laymen voice of OMS International, says their Haitian radio ministry is having worldwide impact.

Men for Missions Wayne King says Radio 4VEH broadcasts in French and Creole. But, just recently they began streaming on the internet, which has allowed them to expand their outreach worldwide. “We have found that in the United States, right on up the eastern seacoast that there is a large Haitian community and we are getting numerous emails from Haitians who have been appreciating getting the broadcast in Creole and French.”

However, King says the ministry is also reaching Haitians living in France and other areas of the world. He says the internet is allowing them to reach out like they once did when they broadcast on short-wave and many are giving their hearts to Christ.

Men for Missions is also excited about the Haitian government’s recent endorsement of the radio station, that was outlined in a letter. “Radio 4VEH is a religious institution which broadcasts impartiality, without offending existing social orders. Such an institution merits attention, especially for its goal to save the Haitian population, which coincides with that of the Haitian government.”

King says with the new government now in power, they’re seeing much more openness to the Gospel. He says since the ministry is so effective, Christians need to help them continue the work. “Because we operate in a poverty stricken country we cannot rely on the Haitians to be able to supply the monetary means to stay on the air. So, once again we have to ask our friends in the United States and Canada and throughout the world to help us with financial needs.”

It currently costs $30 an hour to keep the radio station on the air.

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