Haitians face homelessness a second time

By July 21, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Throughout Port-au-Prince, the landscape is
scattered with 1,241 refugee camps in the form of tent cities. Though some of
these cities may soon vanish, it will not be a sign that construction has sped

Instead, these cities may be disappearing because land
owners are growing impatient and want to reclaim their land from the refugees.
A spokeswoman for World Vision said, "The threat of eviction is a very
real problem right now."

Already, about 30 camps have been evicted or face imminent
eviction. And with transitional shelters just being built and few houses deemed
safe, many refugees may be homeless yet again.

Paul Jenks of AMG International said, if evicted, many will
join the thousands who have already fled north, where AMG is currently serving:
"Many families have moved from Port-au-Prince into our area, and one of
the things that we're looking at is how many will be uprooted out of Port-au-Prince
and relocated to the north–a place where there are more resources."

These resources are limited, however, and if they run out or
run low, the people displaced from Port-au-Prince may be forced to leave yet
again, stuck in a hopeless cycle with no place to turn.

That's why AMG is helping through a clinic they have established in
Grand Bassin, near Cap-Haitien. "The clinic serves not only as a place for
first aid and medical treatment, but also as a resource center for spiritual
and psychological help for these who have been traumatized."

As AMG gives medical attention, provides food and offers
counseling for victims to continue to work through the drastic changes in their
lives, people are finding refuge and a place to call home. "When care is
given, people do find a new place to stay," Jenks said.

With people settling in, AMG is also focusing on long-term
physical and spiritual aid. Currently they are helping pastors with church
plants, expanding the school there to offer more grades and providing
more water for the present residents as well as others who might come from

AMG can use your help as they work on these
development projects, as well as provide relief to earthquake victims. Click
to support the clinic, or visit the AMG Web site to sponsor a Haitian child
and, in turn, positively affect a whole community.

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