Haitians looking for aid outside Port-au-Prince

By January 26, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The casualties continue to mount in the aftermath of the massive 7.0 earthquake in Haiti January 12. According to reports, 150,000 people have already been buried in mass graves, but thousands more remained buried in debris from collapsed buildings. Some believe the death toll will rise above 300,000.

Reports indicate aid isn't getting in very quickly, causing many to leave Port-au-Prince and search for help elsewhere.

Eva DeHart of For Haiti with Love based in Cap Haitian, north of Port-au-Prince, predicted they would start seeing earthquake victims. "Now, we're starting to get the influx of people. People are coming back home. Or, people are searching out their own ways to find medical help that they didn't get when they were in Port-au-Prince."

To complicate matters even more, DeHart says, "Cap Haitian has torrential rains and mud slides. Just yesterday the people in the lowlands were given the okay to move back into their homes."

This compounds an already bad situation as Cap Haitian was hit with torrential rains causing mudslides and flooding. However, DeHart believes good will come as a result. "For years, nobody looked at Haiti. So, as bad as this is, we know God can use anything Satan intends for bad; God can turn it to good."

DeHart says the world has already been able to see Haitian Christians' testimony. "The world is seeing the face of Haiti as a faith-based people. Where else have they seen rescues where people have been in buildings for six days where the first words out of their mouths were, 'Praise God?'"

DeHart say money is needed for food, medicine and shipping costs. Click here to help.

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