Haiti’s education system in shambles, even before earthquake

By August 13, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Long before January's earthquake devastated
Haiti, their education system was in shambles. Since few schools are free or
affordable, only about half of Haiti's nine million people can read or write.

Then, when the earthquake struck, some 5,000 schools were damaged
or obliterated.

Haiti's education system has never been in greater need.

Seeing this need, World Hope International will be
rebuilding two primary schools they supported long before the earthquake.

The two schools are in Cite Soleil and Verger, and World
Hope has been supporting them since 1999 and 1997, respectively, through their
Hope for Children sponsorship program.

Between the two schools, almost 120 kids are enrolled.

Though the need in Haiti is still overwhelming, World Hope anticipates
the impact even two schools will have on the country overall. As they give
children a place to learn, they will break down barriers with these kids and
parents, which will give them a chance to form relationships and share Christ's
love when opportunity presents.

Click here to support World Hope in the construction

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  • taylor wall says:

    I’m doing project on Haiti’s education and from what I understand Haiti is a place of great poverty. With education do you think it’s possible for Haitians to escape poverty with a good educational foundation. To make a better future for themselves and their families? do more of the jobs in Haiti go to those with a better education?

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