Haiti’s port is closed, but Gospel opportunities are not

By February 23, 2023

Haiti (MNN) – Living conditions in Haiti have taken a shocking downward spiral since the president’s assassination in July 2021. Gang violence, hunger, and a health emergency threaten the lives of millions of people.

The U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Volker Türk has proposed sending a specialized armed force to support the Haiti national police. Gangs have killed more than a dozen police since the start of 2023. Local civilians are also targets. Gang kidnappings numbered at least 1,200 in 2022, twice the number in the previous year.

The unraveling situation has also hindered Gospel outreach. World Missionary Press supplies Scripture booklets for ministries in Haiti, but gangs have restricted port access for months.

“They have some literature there, they’re still trying to get another shipment in. But the port has been

Bible school students graduated from Societe Biblique Haitienne with copies of the New Testament in Kreyol. (Photo courtesy of WMP.)

closed. Customs is shut down,” says Helen Williams. “We have a [shipping] container we’re trying to get in there. Our coordinator said you’re going to have to give us time until at least the fort opens.”

Other US-based ministries that use WMP’s Scripture booklets are also waiting for the situation to stabilize. Meanwhile, the local ministries keep working with what they have. As they serve in practical ways, they also share the Gospel with Scripture booklets.

“We do have material there. Our people are giving out food, they’re giving out rice, they’re meeting whatever physical needs they can, but they’ve got the literature and they’re giving the literature as well,” says Williams.

God is opening another opportunity to reach the Caribbean. WMP will soon send a shipment of Scripture booklets to a new partner based in Dominican Republic, where thousands of Haitians have sought safety.

Pray that God uses the literature to encourage Haitians and lead them to trust in Jesus during this difficult time. May He open Haiti’s main port so that more Scripture booklets can be sent to the ministries there.

 “The Lord has had the literature arrive a little ahead of the crisis, if you will,” says Williams. “So even though it’s hard to get in right now, there’s literature there being distributed.”


Header image depicts Haitian school children with “The Way to God” booklets. (Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press.)

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