Haiti’s starving North deprived of aid after earthquake

By September 17, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — Aid continues pouring into Haiti after last month’s earthquake.

The earthquake killed and injured thousands, damaging roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Many roads remain unpassable, weeks after the quake.

Haiti was already dealing with an economic slump and high food prices before the earthquake. The recent assassination of the Haitian president added further instability.

Aid to the North

All the food is going to the disaster zone in the southern part of the country. For Haiti with Love works in northern areas near Cap Haitien. Eva DeHart says, “[Our staff] has expressed feedback from people who say, ‘It just isn’t fair that all of the food aid is going down there when the people of the North are still starving.’”

Dehart says many aid organizations that had been helping people in the north have moved south as well. “They’ve packed their bags and gone down south to help down there. They have turned their backs on the people that they had been helping. It has become a Deja vu. It’s a replay of 2010.”

For Haiti with Love

For Haiti with Love continues working in this forgotten part of the country, especially in the treatment of burn victims. Pray many would encounter Jesus’ love through their work. DeHart says, “We’re not big enough to cross the mountain ranges and bad roads to get out to another disaster area. So we have just kept plugging along with the projects that we were working on. Our clinic hasn’t missed a day.”

Dehart also encourages readers to pray, “that our resources hold up, and we are able to keep up with everything that we’re trying to do for the people. And pray the people who have redirected their resources would reevaluate what they’re doing and reconsider who they left behind.”



The header photo shows the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. (Photo courtesy of Makenson Charles and Matiado Vilme/VOA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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