A simple gift can make a huge difference

By November 8, 2013

India (MNN) — Have you ever felt like the odd one out? Many street children in India feel that way every Christmas.

Christmas is an exciting time for most children in India, as they receive a new pair of clothes along with a special meal. However, many street children do not receive the gift of new clothes because they are too poor or are homeless. This makes them the odd ones out at Christmas time.

Donna Glass and John Sparks from India Partners spoke with MNN's Greg Yoder recently about their Christmas catalog.

The cost of sending a street child a meal and new clothes is only $6.00.

Sparks elaborates, “Everybody gets a new set of clothes for Christmas. So on Christmas day, the children will all come in their new clothes. By offering the street children a set of clothes, you engage them in what is seen as the Christmas celebration.”

With the small amount that can be given to give to a street child this Christmas, giving funds can be delayed. Glass says, “We need to send the funds the beginning of December to make sure these programs happen. So we need to receive any funds by November 30 so that we can make sure that these children have this opportunity to participate.”

Along with a meal and clothing, children will hear the Gospel.

“There’s been some children who have come to this, and it’s the first time that somebody has reached out to them,” Glass says. “They have been so moved that they have, at that point and time, given their life to Christ. The other children see this opportunity and continue to build on that.”

Click here to see India Partners' gift catalog: look for the "Christmas For Street Children" box.

Pray that many children’s lives will be touched this Christmas by the simple gift of a meal and new clothes. Pray that Christ will be seen and heard through the Gospel in India.

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