HCJB named best shortwave radio station in Brazil

By May 16, 2005

Ecuador (MNN) — A radio club in Brazil rated HCJB World Radio Portuguese Service as the best shortwave radio station, also placing HCJB producers highly.

That’s Ingrid Winter — named shortwave radio’s best female announcer in the Santa Rita DX Club survey. Producers Eunice Carvajal and Pastor Mario Miki also scored well, reaching entire families for Christ.

HCJB’s Allen Graham says, “It used to be the custom for families to gather around the radio . . in other countries. That is (still) the custom for many families, especially in the northern Amazon region in Brazil.”

His recent trip to Brazil revealed places where church body life revolves around Christian radio. He says, “When we went in with Pastor Francisco, Pastor Mario, it was like they were welcoming their pastor home.” Graham adds, “because in many of these communities there are no churches. And the spiritual programs that go out from HCJB-Portuguese are their church.”

Focusing on Latin America, HCJB transmits in Portuguese for several hours a day.

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