HCJB World radio changes name

By January 10, 2007

USA (MNN) — For 75 years HCJB World Radio has been the leader in missionary radio. They were pioneers of communicating the Gospel through radio around the world. However, in 75 years HCJB World Radio diversified its work. So, the ‘World Radio’ part of it name didn’t really reflect that. That’s why the organization is now known as HCJB Global.

President of HCJB Global Dave Johnson says changing the name has been something they’ve been thinking about for years. “The ministries of HCJB have changed so much and have grown to the point, for example, our health care ministry is about 50-percent of our budget. And yet, no one knew that from our name.”

HCJB Global now reflects their diversity, while also allowing them to have two sub-brands. “Our mass-media sub-brand is Global Voice and our health care sub-brand is Global Hands.”

Global Voice encompasses tradition radio — FM, AM, Short-wave, satellite distribution, internet technology, and other technology direct to home programming, and other mass-media technology.

Global Hands includes their hospitals and clinic and medical missions work in disaster areas.

According to Johnson, the name change reflects an intentional change from doing the work themselves, to helping the national church, “To be able to reach out, not just to their own, but even beyond that, as third world missionaries. I’m sure you know that most of the missionaries now are not from the west. They’re third world people and we want to equip them to do the task of the Great Commission.”

According to Johnson, that means a bit of a change in their outreach practices, “where we actually combine the hands on ministry of medical service to people, along with the proclamation of the Gospel clearly over media.”

Pray that God will continue to use HCJB Global as they continue to fine-tune their ministry to effectively reach the lost with the Gospel.

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