HCJB World Radio New Zealand reaching around the world

By February 7, 2005

New Zealand (MNN) — HCJB World Radio is doing all it can to broadcast the love of Christ to people who have never heard. They’ve been doing it for many years through short-wave, AM and FM radio frequencies. Now they’re getting help from believers in New Zealand.

Collin Sampson is the New Zealand Director of HCJB World Radio. Sampson, Speaking on the Rhema Radio Network, an MNN affiliate, describes his part of the ministry. “In New Zealand, we like to make awareness what we’re doing overseas. Like, in Australia, we’ve set up a large short wave tower there and we’re broadcasting into the 10/40 Window and reaching into Asia and places like this.”

Sampson says HCJB World Radio is developing new solar powered radios that they plan to distribute into these regions. “These were developed in our engineering workshop in the states. We’re just doing tests on them right now and they’ll be out in the market or being given out fairly soon.”

HCJB World Radio is appealing to New Zealanders to help through what Sampson is calling YouthNet. “It came about because I went to a conference in Singapore back in June and the thing that impressed me was listening to our director (for that area) tell about the commitment of young people for getting the Gospel out and my thoughts were, ‘what can we do in New Zealand to help?'”

So, they’re partnering with a group called Disciple Makers to help young people plant Christian radio into the 10/40 Window.

Pray that many Christians in New Zealand will catch the vision for missionary radio abroad and support it financially.

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