Healing Haiti

By November 12, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — In a recent trip to Haiti, Dr. Scott Nelson with CURE International along with two mission partners were able to treat more Haitians than ever before. Dr. Nelson and his team can only visit Haiti once every three months, and this time they were able to help 46 suffering people.

The health care in Haiti is extremely subpar, even in comparison to neighboring Dominican Republic (Dr. Nelson's home country). Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with the highest infant mortality rate as well. The country has only 42 orthopedic doctors, only one of whom specializes in pediatrics. The number of children and adults needing health care continues to grow, especially in light of recent hurricane damage.

Fortunately, pediatric orthopedics is Dr. Nelson's specialty, and he is able to provide care for many children. His work consists of evaluations for disabled children, surgeries and the training of national medical personnel. Dr. Nelson and his team typically work day and night on their visits, often without electricity and in poor conditions. Although Dr. Nelson can only help a relatively small number of people in comparison to the population, the impact of his work makes a powerful statement of Christ-like service.

Please pray for those living in Haiti, most of whom are suffering physically. Pray that CURE doctors and volunteers would have the funding they need to begin to alter the dismal state of Haiti's health care. Pray that in doing this, the light of the true Healer would be evident and that many Haitians would cry out to Him.

If you think you can help CURE through short term missions or with financial assistance, click here.


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