Health and hygiene empowers communities

By December 2, 2009

Rwanda (MNN) — Clean water is the foundation for community development. The lack of proper sanitation is the single biggest cause of disease worldwide.

In Rwanda, people spend hours collecting water, or what little money families have is spent on purchasing water. More often than not, critical funds also have to be used for medical treatment for water-related diseases. Sometimes it's a choice between food and medicine or education, and these slim choices keep people trapped in poverty.

Living Water International (LWI) mounted a significant training effort in Rwanda. CWI provided community development hygiene training to the nationals. The interactive training sessions empower villagers to solve their own hygiene and sanitation issues.

LWI goes on to report that the team launched the effort this summer and provided 10 backpacks with Kinyarwanda lessons and teaching aids for the Rwandan trainers to use in teaching health & hygiene to their own communities.  

As a result, these first groups of trained nationals are prepared to show other communities how to understand and value good hygiene practices.

Why? LWI's Christian identity shapes their view of community development. Through Christ, there is the power to transform, to redeem, and to instill hope and purpose. 

To learn more about the work of Living Water International, click here.

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