Hearing date is set for Asia Bibi

By May 7, 2014
Photo by Hodja.

(Photo of Asia Bibi by Hodja)

Pakistan (MNN) — After spending four and a half years in prison, Asia Bibi finally has a court hearing.

In June of 2009, Asia Bibi was accused and sentenced to death after being falsely accused of blasphemy. Since then, the court has delayed the case four times.

Asia’s first hearing of the appeal process is set for early spring, May 27.

Judges hearing the case say that they are postponing the case because of threats and pressures from radical Islamist groups. Fearing what the extremist groups might do, the judges avoid the responsibility of deciding what to do with such a delicate case.

Lawyer Mushtag Gill, head of the NGO LEAD, says, “In Asia Bibi’s case, any delay or postponement means denying justice. Too often Christians are considered as ‘secondary class citizens,’ [and] justice is denied, especially when they are accused of blasphemy.”

Photo by The Guardian.

(Photo by The Guardian)

Even though most of the accusations are false, Christians branded as “blasphemous” risk their own lives and the lives of those trying to defend them. There are cases where Islamic leaders have issued a “fatwa” (religious decree) publicly inviting the faithful to kill the supposed “blasphemer.” Because of this, Christians who are often accused and released are forced to leave the country to save their lives.

Even their lawyers are victims of intimidation and threats. Gill explains, “The battle against extremists in Pakistan cannot be won until the government puts in place the necessary legislative reforms: what needs to be done to get to the root of the problem is to first of all repeal the blasphemy laws without fearing the reaction of extremists.”

Please continue to pray for Asia Bibi as she awaits justice. Pray for strength and courage. Pray that there will be no delay in the hearing.


  • I will continue to pray for Asia as she awaits justice. I will pray that she will receive justice and freedom and that there will be no delay in her hearing. I will pray that she and her family will have God’s daily strength and peace as they await the date of her hearing. I will pray that her freedom will also bring safety for she and her family. May God show Himself mighty on her behalf.

  • Paul O'Neill says:

    I will pray to God for her release in justice.Be courageous Asia Bibi.

    The whole world is watching!! Let’s pray that goodness prevails in this case,and that justice is tempered with mercy!

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