‘Heart Companion’ reaches out across Central Asia

By June 4, 2010

Central Asia (MNN) — Each time the production team delivers a new broadcast of "Heart Companion" to the transmission site, they endanger themselves. The risk, however, is paying off.

For the past five months, the radio program, made possible by a partnership between FEBA Radio and HCJB Global Voice, has transmitted across Central Asia five days a week.

The 30-minute program replaced two former programs, "Path to Paradise" and "New Vision." It challenges Christians to deepen and strengthen their faith, especially in areas were many religious activities are banned and it can be difficult for believers to meet together.

As programming increases the faith of listeners, it also empowers them to share Christ with others, despite the risk.

Peter Philips of FEBA said, "The program's goal is not just to help Christians to keep going, but to help the church grow, stimulating believers to share their faith in a relevant, non-confrontational way."

For underground churches in areas that aren't easily accessible to missionaries, the program also provides discipleship and teaching.

Since it first aired in January, the broadcast has gained a faithful following, and many have shared their appreciation for it on the program's Web site.

One listener told HCJB and FEBA, "I invited Jesus Christ into my life, and I have a salvation now … I can see God's power and greatness from the beginning to the end of the Bible."

Pray for listeners as programming stretches their faith and compels them to share with others. Pray for the production team's safety as they risk their lives to ensure the broadcast reaches the transmission site.

To help HCJB and FEBA continue their partnership and transmission of the program, click here.

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