Heart for Lebanon helps kids stay in school

By July 26, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — According to the United Nations, Lebanon’s multifaceted crises cost the next generation its future.

“The economic downfall in Lebanon has put so many children out of school in the streets or picking small jobs to bring a little income to their families,” Heart for Lebanon co-founder Camille Melki says.

Two years ago, Heart for Lebanon began empowering kids to stay in the classroom. “Right after the port of Beirut explosion, Heart for Lebanon joined seven Christian schools in Beirut to help provide scholarship support for 350 students,” Melki says.

Despite a further decline in economic conditions, education remains a priority for many Lebanese. Furthermore, Melki says the Lebanese value Christian education for academic excellence and character development.

See how God works through Heart for Lebanon and the Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys (BESGB).

“The Arab world is rich with natural resources. Lebanese families say, ‘maybe Lebanon does not have the natural resources to build a strong economy. But we have the education.’ This is why parents consider education a major investment in their children,” Melki says.

“We are going through a lot of hardships today. This is true. The future of the next generation is more important than that.”

Heart for Lebanon staff visit students and their families at the seven Christian schools. Pray for deep relationships that lead to Gospel conversations.

“[In] every school that we partner [with], the Gospel is clearly and boldly shared,” Melki says.

“We’re not only building [young people] to have a good character, but we want them to meet Christ as their personal Savior.”



Header image courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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