Heart for Lebanon helps Syrian refugees in the name of Jesus

By July 20, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Syrian refugees are running out of options in the Middle East.

The United Nations is cutting monthly cash aid to refugees in Jordan due to an “unprecedented funding crisis.” At the same time, Lebanon is moving forward with its plan to force all Syrian refugees back across the border.

“Busses are picking up the refugees, taking them to the border, and pushing them into Syria,” Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema says.

“What you don’t hear is about 98 percent of them are back in Lebanon within 24 to 48 hours because the regime doesn’t want them [and] there’s nothing to go home to.”

The ministry offers holistic help to refugees in the name of Jesus. More about that here.

“We don’t differentiate between refugees and the local population. Hungry people are individuals created in God’s own liking (image), not after any political leader in Syria or a political leader in Lebanon.”
(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

“We have several different ways to help them. We have the family care package filled with the essentials for survival; children have access to education for free,” Heart for Lebanon’s Elio Constantine says.

“Most importantly, they can enroll in our Bible study programs to hear the [Gospel] message [and] engage with others that have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.”

Heart for Lebanon helps 2,500 Syrian refugee families. None of them have been forcibly deported, but the refugees’ friends have. Pray that desperation leads to Gospel opportunities.

“While they were on the bus going into Syria, their tents, or wherever they were living, were bulldozed down, cleaned up, pushed away, and now they have nothing to return to,” Atema says.

“The despair starts all over again. It’s like the third or fourth round for some poor people.”




Header and story images courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.