Heavy flooding troubles Guatemala

By August 7, 2008

Guatemala (MNN) — The president
of Guatemala has declared a state of emergency due to excessive rain.  Rainfall in some areas reached as much as 377
percent higher than the average in the rainy season.

More than 50 communities in the
eastern region of Guatemala have been affected by the onslaught of floodwaters.
The rain has caused mudslides, collapsed
roads, and flooded rivers in many remote areas.

In many cases, the mudslides buried
homes, destroyed bridges, roads, farmland, and cut off electricity, phone
lines, and food access for thousands.

It is difficult for many residents to find
food, water, and shelter. Children are also suffering from diarrhea, lung
infections, flu, fungus, and other illnesses.

The government estimates the
storms have resulted in heavy agricultural losses, leaving approximately
1,335,000 residents in an increased state of food insecurity, which could last
for the remainder of the year.

Orphan Outreach based in Dallas, Texas is partnering with ministry programs in
Guatemala City, as well as working in the communities of Panabaj, Pacux and
Lemoa. Pray that their
staff may be able to reach out with the love and comfort of God during this
difficult time in Guatemala. 

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