Heavy flooding troubles India

By October 23, 2009

India (MNN) — Compassion International says the dam holding
the River Krishna in Andhra Pradesh, India, burst under the torrential rains. The
resulting floods are the worst in a century.

The government announced plans to relocate all 226 villages
that had been located on the banks of the River Krishna, Tungabhdra and Bhima to
safer places. They also said they would
build several lakh houses as a permanent
rehabilitation measure.

Compassion International says
there are four child development centers affected by the disaster. Relief supplies continue to be distributed. Church partners are providing shelter and
food to all affected families.

Government assessment teams are visiting
the flood-ravaged districts
of Kurnool, Mahbubnagar, Krishna and Guntur to figure out their next priority.

Ironically, prior to October, the
region was reeling under severe drought conditions, and the government had
declared several areas as "drought affected" in order to release money from the
Calamity Relief Fund. On October 1, the country was hit by heavy
rains and floods.   

Please pray for the children and
families who have been affected by the heavy rain and flooding. Many have lost
their homes and everything they owned. Pray that they will draw near to God as they recover.

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