Heavy rain adds to Cyclone Phailin misery

By October 31, 2013

India (MNN/GFA)—Since Cyclone Phailin hit the eastern shores of India, the people living in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh have been hit in the face with devastation once again. Heavy rainfall last week has flooded many villages and has destroyed hundreds of thousands acres of crops.

Local officials fear the death toll will continue to rise if the rainfall doesn’t cease. Fourteen have already been killed from rain-related incidents.

Many villages in lower-elevated areas have been evacuated and brought to emergency relief camps.

With the flooding, roads and railways remain submerged. Cyclone relief efforts in many areas have slowed.

GFA pastors and Bridge of Hope children are also among those needing aid. In one region, around 78 pastors and over one-thousand families of believers have been affected by the rain. In other areas, about 30 homes of Bridge to Hope are destroyed, damaged, or underwater.

Gospel for Asia Compassion Service teams continue to press on to provide relief despite these challenges.

Pray for the rain to stop and the waters to recede. Pray relief efforts can continue strong with no obstacles. Pray homes can be restored. Pray no waterborne illnesses occur. Especially pray for relief teams as they minister and provide people with much-needed aid.

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