Heavy rains contaminate city’s water, shut down Compassion centers

By May 13, 2011

Colombia (MNN) — Contaminated water in Columbia has caused 10 child development centers assisted by  Compassion International to shut down.

Heavy rains have caused water contamination in Cucuta, Colombia since the start of the month. For nearly two weeks, the city has been unable to obtain clean water for their homes and businesses.

Colombia's rainy season can be harsh in general. Last year, 300 died throughout the season according to Columbia Reports, and 85 had died this year by mid-April. Landslides and flooding abounded throughout April.

Now the leftover effects of the rain could cause infections, diseases, and illnesses from the contaminated water.

At least 10 Compassion-assisted child development centers–which include over 1,500 kids–have been affected in Cucuta. Centers CO-660, CO-662, CO-663, CO-664, CO-665, CO-667, CO-668, CO-669, CO-670, CO-672 have all been closed since May 2. There is no water for toilets or kitchens.

A lack of clean water can be the start of numerous illnesses. Pray that the Lord would keep the Compassion children free from harm until the situation is cleaned up.

Pray that clean water would run again so that Compassion centers can safely reopen. Through child development centers, children receive nourishment physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pray that the children and their families would continue to learn about and cling to Christ, even throughout this clean-water drought.

If a child you sponsor has been affected by this contamination, Compassion will contact you. Learn more about becoming a child sponsor here.

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