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By December 20, 2023

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — You might not know it with today’s demographics, but the Middle East/North Africa region is rich in Christian history.

“Jesus lived in Egypt. The Gospel writer, Mark, was from Libya,” MENA Leadership Center (MLC) President and CEO Jennifer Murff says.

“The apostles ministered in Lebanon. The Bible, as we know it today, was codified in Tunisia.”

MLC helps high-impact Christian leaders in the MENA region. More about that here.

MLC courses equip Christian ministry leaders in countries suffering from conflict, turmoil, and hostility to the Gospel. When leaders get the tools and training they need, the effects trickle down to improve whatever work God has called each believer to do.

“The training inspired me to new approaches to ministry… I began to implement the material, combining both my passion and skills for a more significant impact in God’s kingdom. Thank you for the abundant, precious resources you left in our hands.” – Key Ministry Leader from Jordan
(Photo, caption courtesy of MLC)

Christian leaders can do more for the Kingdom of God by working smarter, not harder. “We started the center four years ago, and we have had over 1,500 enrollments,” Murff says.

“We have trained 422 ministries in four languages and 36 nations.”

As more Muslims encounter Jesus, the demographics of Christian leadership change.

“We want to transform society, and that’s mostly by working with Muslim background believers. It is the fastest-growing segment of our work,” Murff says.

“We’re seeing so many people come to know the Lord and then step into leadership.”

You can help MLC through a special year-end giving challenge.

“We are looking to raise $75,000 [before December 31] to make sure that we give our participants what they need,” Murff says.

“We are expanding quite a bit, and we want to do production-quality, on-demand courses with live meetups.”



Header image courtesy of MENA Leadership Center.

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