Help comes to the church leaders of Chad.

By March 16, 2005

Chad (MNN)–Peace is a relative newcomer to the nation of Chad, with three decades of ethnic wars ending finally in 1990.

However, there are still flare-ups between the government and the rebels in northern Chad, where a recent rebellion broke out but didn’t develop into a full-scale conflict.

The decades-long ethnic war left an exhausted nation open to the Islamic influences of neighboring Libya and Sudan.

Global Advance Ministries’ David Shibley says that is part of their challenge, one reason they just held a Frontline Shepherd’s Conference in the capital city, N’Djamena. “Chad is the nation in Africa with the most unreached people groups, and so it was very encouraging for me to see the strong commitment of these 313 pastors to penetrating those unreached people to plant the church and the Gospel among them.”

The group gathered across denominational lines for a two-day conference, March 8-10th. “These men came, weary and thirsty, and the Lord did a wonderful work in encouraging them and reviving them and also in giving them some real tools for even more vigorous church planting in the days ahead.”

Shibley says the work of evangelism is difficult in Chad, because, just like tilling new ground, it could take years before the ground is ready to plant.

Shibley says he was deeply moved by the commitment and generosity of Chad’s church leaders. They gave $1100 (USD) toward a conference that will be held later in the spring in another Middle Eastern country .

The reason they gave for their offering? They understood the value of training and encouragement for pastors who are ministering in predominantly Muslim nations. Shibley regards the gift, given from their need, as an investment in the training and equipping of pastors like themselves.

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