Help e3 Partners reach 50 US states with Gospel conversations training

By February 7, 2023

North America (MNN) — Have you wanted to learn how to share the Gospel effectively with someone? It’s simple with e3 Partners’ Gospel conversations training!

Last year, e3 launched Made to Multiply — a five-year initiative to train one million North Americans in the United States and Canada to effectively share their faith. They would also like to see Gospel conversations trainings happen in all 50 US states.

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E3 has already reached 24 states in 2022 with Gospel conversations training.

Abbie McConnell, Marketing Communications Director with e3, says, “We’re definitely looking for believers and local churches that want to partner with us. We want to take this training to 26 additional US states in 2023!… If you see that your state hasn’t been reached, we’d love to hear from you.”

E3 sends teams of people around the US to work with churches and ministry organizations to bring people together for Gospel conversations trainings.

Brad Prizer, e3’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, says, “A lot of this is done through church partnerships. We are not the Church. We recognize that the Great Commission was given to the Church, not to e3 Partners.

“Our role in this that God has given us is to come alongside the Church and support the Church in its training efforts and sharing the Gospel with the community surrounding their church and their Jerusalem, and their Samaria, and their Judea, their area.

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Prizer says, “It’s our goal as a ministry to not do all these training sessions ourselves. We could never reach one million people trained if it was just e3 doing it. What we do is we train other people to train other people.

“Our goal is to not only train those who want to know how to share the Gospel more effectively, but train people to rise up and also have their own training sessions.”

If you’re nervous to share your faith or don’t know where to start, Prizer has this encouragement: “I think God equips us to be able to share our story and God’s story with others. But also, when we do the Gospel conversations training, we actually go out into the harvest and we pair up with other people who have done it before. They get to knock on doors and see how the Holy Spirit actually goes before them and gives them the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone who’s eager to receive it.”

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