Help needed for Asia outreach

By March 21, 2011

Asia (MNN) — Delivering Christian literature, clothing, medicine and other needed items helps support the national church. So, Vision Beyond Borders is doing all they can to secure these items and enabling short-term teams to take them into these nations.

Founder and President of Vision Beyond Borders Patrick Klein says medical professionals are needed to help an upcoming VBB trip. "VBB is traveling to refugee camps in May to set up a medical clinic. We are in great need of a doctor or nurse practitioner for the team," says Klein.

Klein says, "We could really use children's clothing; we especially need sizes 4-14. We can also use small adult clothing. We are seeing increasing needs for clothing everywhere we go, but especially in the refugee camps. We will need approximately 1,000 boxes of clothing to fill the container. Please contact the office if you would like to be involved in this important project. We could use groups gathering clothing in several different areas."

While providing for physical needs is important, so is meeting spiritual needs. That's why VBB needs flannel graphs. Klein says, "We need help raising funds for flannel graph sets to share the Gospel with children around the world."

Klein adds that medical supplies are also desperately needed. "With an upcoming medical mission trip and another team going to Cuba, we have a great need for medical supplies. Praise the Lord for the churches and groups that are helping organize medical supply drives."

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