Help Needed To Expand Outreach

By July 2, 2007

Malawi (MNN) — A group from Hopegivers International traveled to Malawi in early June and recently returned. 

Hopegivers has been working in Malawi since late 2005. "They're following up, doing more detail things for us. They're pouring a foundation for one of our
church friends over there and ministering to some of the kids, playing with them, handing out toys, building a basketball goal, and also distributing sewing machines," said Michael Glenn of Hopegivers.

Sewing machines make a huge difference. "When we bring over these sewing machines, we're taking them to some of the people that are part of the church or churches there. They can sew, make clothes for the orphans, and then make additional clothes that they can sell for revenue as well to kind of keep things going and assist financial needs there," said Glenn. 

Each person on the trip brought a bag filled strictly with supplies. One of those items has helped expand their ministry. Glenn explained, "We're bringing a specially designed high-protein soup mix. So we've been able to minister to over 17 hospitals, 7 schools, 5 prisons, 9 orphan care centers."

Even though there is persecution just like in the rest of the world, the people of Malawi
are very welcoming to the Gospel. "Over there you rarely see a vehicle, so most people are walking or riding a bicycle. It's very wide-open to interact and communicate with people. So they had a chance to get out and do some street ministry," said Glenn.

Prayer and financial help are needed to continue to grow their work in Malawi.

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