Help protect children from malaria with mosquito nets

By April 23, 2010

International (MNN) — This Sunday, April 25, is World Malaria Day. According to Yahoo News, nearly two billion dollars were spent on the prevention of malaria last year alone.

Still the problem persists. There will 350 million people at risk of malaria in 2010, Yahoo also said. And Max Lange of Childcare Worldwide said every 40 seconds a child is dying of malaria.

So, as World Malaria Day raises awareness, Childcare Worldwide is helping out in the communities they already serve.

"This is where chemically-treated nets are coming in. They're providing a very wonderful protection," said Lange. These efforts are focused in Uganda and Kenya.

Currently, Childcare Worldwide's goal is 500 nets: "Now, that would take care of most of the children and families who are in our immediate area where we are working."

But they do not want to stop there. After collecting and distributing nets for the children in their children's homes and school, they want to expand their prevention to the surrounding villages. While doing so, they will reach people who have never heard about Christ's love and plan for their lives.

"We want to reach out to the villages and show the people: 'Here's a mosquito net. And do you know why we are doing this? Because Christ loves you,'" Lange said.

For one net, the cost is just $10. Click here to fund a net.

Additionally, Childcare Worldwide has a clinic to treat individuals who already have malaria, but Lange said, "Prevention is always the best thing to do."

Visit to support the ministry, whether in Uganda and Kenya or another country around the world.

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