Help provide Bibles to those who have none.

By November 17, 2006

International (MNN) — The average Christian in the United States owns nine Bibles, and is actively in the market for more. That’s according to research by the Christian Booksellers Association and Zondervan Publishers.

Yet, many Christians in Africa, Asia and South America don’t even own one Bible, and many pastors in those regions also don’t even own Bibles.

That statistic troubled Christian Resources International’s Executive Director Fred Palmerton, and led him to launch a project to help American Christians to send their Bibles overseas.

It’s called “Operation Bare Your Bookshelf.” Through it, CRI hopes to help resource the church in these places where they lack God’s Word and Christian materials. Each month, CRI receives more than 250 requests for Bibles and Christian books.

You can help fulfill some of those requests. Click here to learn more about sending your Bibles to Christians who have none.

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