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By March 14, 2019

USA (MNN) — Today concludes a joint EU and UN conference highlighting the top needs of Syrian refugees and their host countries. As explained here, the UN is calling for an additional $3.3 billion to help people within Syria and $5.5 billion to help Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

More than 17 million Syrians can’t survive without assistance, whether they’re inside or outside of their war-torn homeland. “Ehmed” is one of them.

Brea and Travis met the refugee during a short-term mission trip with Frontiers USA. Frontiers’ Perry LaHaie tells us, “They listened to Ehmed share horror stories of being in the war in Syria, and Brea expressed her sorrow that Ehmed had to go through all those things.

“Without really even hesitating, Ehmed said, ‘All of this horror is because of sin. Adam’s sin has affected all of us.’ Brea was just taken aback; she was amazed that he knew so much. He said, ‘Well, I read the Bible you gave me!’”

Ehmed also told Brea and Travis he would share God’s Word with his friends and family.

These believers only spent a few weeks in Ehmed’s community, but the Lord used those brief moments to change one man’s life forever.    Could He use you in the same way?

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(Photo courtesy Frontiers USA)

Frontiers is looking for “go-ers” to join them as they reach Muslims for Christ this summer.

“Our 2019 short-term trips give you the great adventure of sharing Jesus’ love in the Muslim world,” explains LaHaie. “We’ve got trips to the Middle East, North Africa, the Arab Gulf, Turkey, Central Asia, India.”

Learn more here.

Each person on a short-term mission trip works alongside a seasoned long-term worker to help them achieve their goal, LaHaie continues. No matter where in the world they’re serving, Frontiers’ workers strive “to plant the Gospel within their [Muslim] group and see it spread like wildfire.”

Sign up for a 2019 short-term mission trip here. Don’t wait too long! Registration ends on April 1.



Header and story images courtesy of Frontiers USA. 

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