Help save lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By November 8, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern United States recently, flooding roads
and tunnels. It left thousands of people without electricity. Before
arriving in North America, the storm slammed the Caribbean, including
communities where Food for the Hungry (FH) works in Haiti.

About 20 inches of rain pounded the Caribbean nation on October 24th and
25th. This was just two months after being flooded by Tropical Storm
Isaac and its 10 inches of rain. 

Hurricane Sandy killed at least 54 Haitians, and many more are missing. The storm destroyed 70% of the crops in southern Haiti and killed livestock.

Since a 2010 earthquake left Haiti in shambles, emergency after
emergency has been piling up. The Caribbean nation was struck by severe
drought at the beginning of the critical Spring growing season.

The three disasters affected the livelihoods of at least 1.5 million people according to Food and Agriculture Organization. Their combined agricultural sector has been estimated by the Haitian government at 254 million dollars.

Maplecroft, a research organization that assesses food security risks globally, reported that Haiti was ranked #3 for extreme risk of food insecurity in 2012, even before Sandy hit. FH staff reports that there is no hope for a harvest this year. Widespread hunger and rampant disease can be expected as a result of the hurricane's destruction.

That's why Food For the Hungry is stepping in. Their emergency fund will help Haiti and other areas in need.

Pray for the families being affected by Hurricane Sandy. Ask God to use Food for the Hungry in a way that will help save lives both physically and spiritually.

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