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Published on 17 August, 2010

Helping children find ‘The Way Home’

Uganda (MNN) — When individuals, couples, or families are
overwhelmed by the desperate needs of the children of a particular country or community,
often times they will get involved in a child sponsorship program or look
into adopting one of the children.

Compelled by the destitution and vulnerability of children
in Uganda, Russ and Marcia Baugh decided to reach out like many others and adopt their
Ugandan son, Joseph.

But with millions of orphans and vulnerable children in
Uganda, the Baughs want to do more.

Adopting Joseph is just the beginning of their service to
Ugandan children. Through Every Child Ministries, Russ Baugh says, "Our desire is to work with these children to restore them to
health. Then [we plan to] work with families in churches to re-enter these
children into Ugandan homes–hopefully their own biological family if there is
a head of household who has the capacity to take care of this child, or a
church family that might step forward and foster to adopt."

The Baugh's ministry begins in January 2011, and they're calling it, "The Way Home." Russ explains, "Jesus Christ is the way, the
truth and the life. And these children and their families need to know that. They
also need a physical home, as well spiritual home. So, we've adopted this name
because we think that captures the heart of Christ for children."

Much of the approach they will take in "The Way
Home" ministry stems from the Baugh's experience of adopting Joseph.

Speaking of orphans, Baugh says, "We understand through
adopting Joseph that God's heart is for them to be in 'forever families.' Rather than raising the children in a group home–which is an
outstanding assistant to the lives of these children, our
desire is to introduce them into
a permanent family that would take them in as their own and foster them in a
Christian environment."

Before the ministry begins, Baugh realizes that God needs to
stir in the hearts of Ugandan families and move them to take in these needy

Baugh knows willingness among Ugandan families is just one
of the obstacles they need to overcome. "This is a God-sized project. To
say that we have all the answers would be an untruth."

The Baughs and Every Child Ministries covet your prayers.
Pray for God to bestow them with wisdom for the many decision to be made during
the onset of the ministry. Pray for the Baughs to follow God's leading in this overwhelming
task and for Ugandan families to respond to His calling.

Click here to support Every Child Ministries and the Baughs
as they prepare to serve.

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