Helping hands needed to prep ministry supplies

By September 16, 2009

USA (MNN) — How does a ministry distribute 18.6
million meals? Charles Debter with
Global Aid Network (GaiN USA) says it's
done one at a time.

And it starts with a
vision. "Global Aid Network is wanting to reach out with care, providing
food as well as a holistic approach of clean water, clothing, de-worming medicine, as well as the greatest gift–the good
news of Christ." 

And it moves to mission: "We're preparing for an event October 7-14 at our distribution
center near Lancaster, Pennsylvania."

GAiN  invites families from all over the country to
join them with packaging. "We have families, we have elderly people, and
in fact, we say anyone from 5 to 95 is welcome. We're a bit unique in that we
encourage families to come in and pack up our humanitarian aid," says GAiN
USA's Warehouse Manager, Phil Liller.

Volunteers will be creating Gospel aprons and blankets and
packing them in with seed packets, shoes, clothing, as well as putting together food packets. Humanitarian aid will go to the former Soviet
Union, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and any other areas of the world that have

The food packets are being put together now. Debter says, "Our goal is to have 225,000
meals packaged up by the end of this project. We need additional volunteers to come in." They're
looking for groups of 12 to 17 people to prepare the food packets for the
Warehouse Event. 

Thousands come from all over the U.S. to help, so feeding
millions can start with one. "It
translates down to going out to the many places around the world where there's
extreme need and the Gospel is being shared through our local partners."

Global Aid Network also offers short-term mission trips so
you can see how this aid is distributed firsthand. Click here for details on the Warehouse Project or the trips.

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