Hero stands after perservering oppression

By October 8, 2009

USA (MNN) — Yesterday, an Olympian qualifier was honored as
he stood on new legs for China's freedom, reports ChinaAid. Honored athlete
Fang Zheng uses his story to expose the truth of rights abuses in China,
dovetailing with ChinaAid's mission to serve as a voice for the persecuted
Church in China.

Star collegiate sprinter Fang Zheng qualified to compete for
China in the Olympics but never made it to the Games. On June 4, 1989, he
pushed a fellow Tiananmen student out of the way of an oncoming tank. Zhang's
Olympic dreams were soon crushed as the tank rolled over his legs and severed
them from his body.

When Zhang refused to stop competing despite the loss of his
legs, the Chinese government feared his national athletic status would reveal
them to be at fault for his injuries. They pressured Zhang to lie about his
injuries, but he refused. The government refused Zhang his degree from the
Beijing College of Physical Science and vehemently warned him not to speak with
foreign media.

Three years after the famous Tiananmen Square riots, Zhang
broke Asian records in both discus and javelin events in the All-China Disabled
Athletic Games. Despite amazing progress three years after losing his legs,
Zhang was barred from all future competition and denied job opportunities. 

The harassment and pressure continued until he was
miraculously granted a visa to the United States. Earlier this year, Zhang met
with ChinaAid employees, human rights activists, and U.S. Congressmen. A medical
corporation agreed to donate new legs to Zhang; he was honored in a celebratory
ceremony in the U.S. Capitol. Members of U.S. Congress were in attendance, as well
as honored guests concerned with China's human rights and freedom.

ChinaAid's President Bob Fu recently addressed the abuse of
human rights and Church persecution in China as the Communist Party celebrated
its 60th year of power.

"While I, too, celebrate the history and traditions of
China," Fu said, "I cannot forget the pain and suffering inflicted
upon persons of faith in these 60 years of communist rule in China."

Read the entire statement by clicking here. Keep
praying that the eyes of the world will be opened and the need for advancing
religious liberty and human rights will be recognized.

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