Hezbollah, Israel trade barrages

By August 11, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Israel retaliated against Hezbollah rocket attacks from inside the southern border of Lebanon last week.

But Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says the strikes amount to little more than political theater. “The fact is that all those rockets were fired into empty fields, both ways. From the Lebanon side, they were sending rockets to empty fields and from the Israeli side, they were sending rockets to empty fields. So no one got hurt, no one got injured, and nothing was destroyed. There was nothing.”

Instead, Nuna says Hezbollah intended for the incident to distract from the anniversary of the Beirut explosion, and the demand for justice from Lebanon’s people.

The real news in Lebanon

Nuna encourages people to listen to sources inside Lebanon for news about the country. “And if it’s from a Christian perspective, it’s even better, because then you have the kingdom perspective in it. You don’t have the fear of, ‘Oh, this is going to escalate. Oh, this is becoming World War III.”

“Because God is not a God of doom, you know. It’s true that some things are escalating in some places. But God is the God of salvation, not of doom.”

The biggest story in Lebanon right now? The continuing work of God’s Spirit. Nuna says, “Pray for the unreached groups in this area. Pray for the salvation of many, and pray that God would just show up with wonders and signs. Pray that we as Christians in this land would stand firm in this warfare.”

Ask God to break the power of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The people don’t want them in charge and don’t want their influence in the country. Nuna says, “This would open the way for the relationship between Lebanon and Israel. The borders would be open. So many things would be better when this force, this principality that is over Lebanon and Iran crumbles.”



Header photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon on Facebook.

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