Hezbollah shuns French ceasefire proposal

By February 14, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — France proposes a ceasefire between Israeli and Hezbollah troops on Lebanon’s southern border. The proposal calls for a 10-day de-escalation process ending with border negotiations.

Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says, “Inside the country, on the news, it is not discussed because this means defeat for Hezbollah. And I don’t think Hezbollah wants to be seen as a weak entity.”

A senior Hezbollah official rejected the French proposal on Monday, saying negotiations were not an option until the war in Gaza ends.

Hezbollah announced its support for Hamas the day after Israel declared war in October. “Inside Lebanon, there’s so much anger towards Hezbollah for dragging Lebanon into wars that we don’t want,” Nuna says.

“Hezbollah doesn’t want to lose its power and grip over Lebanon, so they want to stay at the border. At the same time, Israel wants to protect its northern border, so they will not allow Hezbollah to stay.”

The Hezbollah flag flies behind a tank. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Tit-for-tat fighting on the border between Israeli and Hezbollah forces has killed over 200 people; at least 170 victims were Hezbollah fighters.

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“We don’t know if it’s going to escalate; we don’t know if we will have an influx of a million people next week, but we need the wisdom to be ready to cater to as many as possible and not be overwhelmed,” Nuna says.

“The south is empty, and many, many people have left. We have so many families now [in Beirut who] have just arrived from the south,” she continues.

“They know that eventually this (southern region) will be like a war zone.”




Header image depicts Hezbollah fighters marching in a 2018 ceremony. (Wikimedia Commons)

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