Hezbollah’s election challenge fails in Lebanon

By June 9, 2009

Lebanon (MNN) — Hezbollah's
challenge for power in Lebanon has failed. The March 14th coalition–a predominantly Sunni, Christian and Druze
alliance–remains a U.S.-backed group.

Poll results show the pro-West alliance
retained its hold on the government.  They won
the majority in the 128-member parliament with 71 seats, compared with to 57
for the Hezbollah-led coalition. The
results were unexpected for Hezbollah and its allies, Iran and Syria.

Now comes the work of forming a
new government. Lebanon splits the parliamentary seats and top government posts between Muslim Sunni, Shiite and Christian politicians.
While beaten at the polls, Hezbollah and its allies still wield significant
influence over the next government.

David Harder is with SAT-7, a Christian television
satellite ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. He says their Lebanese staff
has been sharing concern about the outcome, remembering the unrest that gripped
the region during the last elections.

This time around, Harder explains, the results were an answer to prayer. "That
coalition led by Prime Minister Hariri has a more Western outlook and has been
supported by a majority of Christians within the country. That party has been
the one that has been more Western looking, and I think most of the Christian
community is pleased that this is the way it has gone."

SAT-7 staff is relieved because
of Lebanon's turbulent history. "That there is peace in the country and that the
losing side seems to be accepting the results, is really a wonderful thing for that
country that's been so divided." 

As for ministry, Harder urges
continued prayer. "That's a very
good thing for all of the Christians and certainly for our operations
there. It means that Lebanon is remaining
peaceful. At least, that's the way it appears at this point."

Harder asks people to pray not only
for continued stability, but also that their team would "have the funding to be able to make the
programs that we'd like to make. Pray also that many people would be drawn to the
broadcasts, find encouragement, and find hope in Jesus Christ."

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