Hindu radicals attack successful ministry

By June 9, 2008

India (MNN) — Gospel for Asia's “unprecedented” success in India is being
attacked through the media by Hindu fundamentalists, said K.P. Yohannan, founder and president of GFA.

Radio broadcasts and church planting are reaching thousands
and millions of people with the Gospel. Yohannan remains confident and excited about the ministry in Asia, knowing that there is always persecution where the
Gospel is advancing.    

“I suspect things like this will continue,” he said. “It’s unfortunate, but I tell my people as
long as we are working with the Lord, doing things clean and honest and
correct, no one can touch us. And so far, that is the good news for us.” 

Recently, an article in India Today alleged that Yohannan
was in prison on account of “financial irregularities.” Actually, he is currently in Dallas, Texas. 

He explained that GFA regularly complies with requirements
to report money they receive from overseas to the Indian government. 

“It’s a routine thing that the government asks for
information, and we submit to that. And
the last time they asked for it, our people gave it, and [the government] gave
back a report statement [saying] everything is clean, no problem. I personally never have been investigated
nor our ministry, about any irregularities.”

The editor of the magazine immediately apologized and
placed disclaimers on the Web site and in the next issue of the magazine. 

“They said they had no clue how that had gotten into the
magazine, which is not true,” said Yohannan.
“And they found out there is somebody within the office who deliberately
planted that at the last minute.”

Other articles have stated that the Indian government raided
Yohannan’s home. This, he says, is
“totally a misinformation.”

“My home is in my tiny village …and when I travel, I go to
the mission field and deal with our people, and I’m hardly ever there.”

Dozens of Christian organizations, Yohannan says, have been
deliberately attacked in this “propaganda war.” 

“We learned that this is a whole new, carefully
thought-through strategy to hurt the work of God by propaganda… Many, many
ministries are coming under such attack.”

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