Historic progress on Bible outreach

By January 21, 2010

International (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing is doubling
the number of Scripture recording teams this year. 

New technology makes this project possible in rural areas.
FCBH's Ray Warrior says the teams are equipped with a portable recording
studio "composed of laptop computers and all of the mixing and
audio equipment that's necessary. They are packed into two heavy-duty plastic
cases so that they can travel through some of the rough spots without

Why the large deployment? Warrior says growth is pushing them forward. "Our objective is to record two thousand
languages by the year 2016." Last
year, Faith Comes By Hearing established more than 85,000 Bible listening
groups. Estimates suggest that more than 8.5
million people heard the Word of God through these.

Right now, Warrior adds, there's a window of opportunity in
Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, so they're adding additional recording teams. According to FCBH, their teams are
working closely with the New South Wales Bible Society of Australia and with
the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea to record the Tok
Pisin Audio Bible. Plans are underway to begin listening programs in churches
and villages.

In a bigger scope of growth, more than 130 Audio Bible
recordings were started in 2009 in other areas around the world. Even now, nearly 50 Bible recording teams,
made up of national workers, are now gathering what they need for another audio
recording project in one of the aforementioned languages.

The need for the Gospel is greater now than ever
before. Disasters, wars and other
traumatic events have people questioning deeper spiritual issues. When those questions can be answered by the
hope of Jesus Christ, change results.

Even though the translations are available in the heart
languages, high illiteracy rates still keep people from reading God's Word. "However," Warrior says, "if we then come
along and do the recording of that translated language, while they can't read,
they CAN listen, and the Word of God can then transform their lives."

FCBH is also mustering a response to Haiti's deep
needs. Click here for details on what
they're doing and how you can help.

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