Historic ship finds a home in Singapore

By March 22, 2010

Singapore (MNN) — Last week, ownership of the world's oldest ocean-going passenger ship was officially transferred to a Christian businessman in Singapore.

On December 31, 2009, OM Ships International, a branch of Operation Mobilization, had to retire the ship known as the MV Doulos. The ship had been a part of OM for 32 years.

The MV Doulos was used in the past for the Lord's work across the world. In its 32 years with OM, it carried medicine, food, clothing, Christian literature and much more to those in need across the globe. It also traveled enough miles to have circumvented the earth 16 times.

Over 21 million people had been aboard the MV Doulos during OM's time with it. Many came to faith in Christ on the ship or as a result of the materials and ministry that traveled with it.

Especially given its rich and fruitful history, the process of decommissioning the ship was not easy. Many prayers were answered, however, when businessman Eric Saw became the new owner.

Saw is the Chief Executive of BizNaz (Business of the Nazarene) Resources and could not be more excited to be the owner of MV Doulos. "[My family and I] see the Lord's hand and will very clearly in this transfer of stewardship and pray that we will be worthy and faithful stewards," Saw said in a recent OM press release.

Saw plans to use the ship as a host for various conferences and weddings and also hopes to open up a café, restaurant and bookstore. He plans to change the name of the ship to Doulos Phos, to mean both "servant" and "light."

Most excitingly, the vessel will still be used for ministry. Saw hopes to host a Bible study on the ship and to offer courses to help people grow in their faith. Saw already owns another ship that has a similar Christ-centered atmosphere.

Pray that the ship will continue to be a vessel to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Pray that many more would come to know the Lord on this historic boat.

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  • Mary says:

    I would like to highlight an inaccuracy in the Facts about Singapore.

    Singapore has 4 main languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. While the Chinese form the majority race, Mandarin is certainly not the primary language. English is the main medium of language taught in schools and used at official platforms.

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