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By August 1, 2014
(Photo cred: Zoriah via Flickr)

(Photo credit: Zoriah via Flickr)

India (MNN) — Contracting HIV/AIDS isn’t just a literal death sentence for women trapped in India’s sex trade. It’s also the death of every relationship they have, says Gary Bishop of Far Corners Missions.

“Literally no one wants [infected women] around. They can’t go back to their families; they can’t go back to their villages,” says Bishop.

“They need somebody to love them, and that’s exactly what Jesus would do.”

That’s why Far Corners is transforming part of their leprosy hospital into a hospice home for HIV/AIDS victims.

“They are given a place of security and a place where somebody’s going to love them and care for them. They get to hear the Gospel,” Bishop adds. “In some cases, they become believers.”

Right now, Far Corners’ center is caring for six women. “Everything in their surrounding now is attributed to the love of Jesus,” Bishop explains.

The women aren’t just learning about Christ and the eternal value of a relationship with Him. Their personal value is being redeemed, too.

“The most detrimental thing, perhaps, in a woman’s life is that she no longer has any self-worth,” notes Bishop.

When former prostitutes come to the leprosy hospital/hospice center, Far Corners workers shower the love of Christ upon them abundantly. They treat the women as people, instead of as slaves or animals. They tell the women about a Savior who loves them so much He died to pay for their sins.

“They come to us with deep, deep grief in their lives. They have literally lost everything,” reiterates Bishop. But, with time and the love shown by believers, these women regain a sense of dignity.

While Far Corners has been rescuing women and young girls out of India’s brothels for over 40 years, converting the leprosy hospital to a hospice center is a recent development. In order to expand this ministry, they need your help.

The women “have to have medication every month, they have to have hospice care–special care, depending on how sick they are,” Bishop shares.

“We ask our listeners to consider this and join us in this great cause to care for these women, if God puts that on their heart.”

Click here to support this part of Far Corners’ ministry.

AIDS Awareness ribbon (Photo cred: sassy mom via Flickr)

AIDS Awareness ribbon
(Photo credit: sassy mom via Flickr)

“It takes about $60 a month for us to address all the needs that they have, which [is] everything from clothing to food to medicine, and a place to live.”

Pray that more women stuck in brothels will escape and discover God’s love for them. Pray that the resources needed for expansion are provided so Far Corners can care for more women.

“Pray for us as we grow this ministry, as we reach out to more and more women,” asks Bishop.

“It takes us time to get the facilities ready, and we’re looking at about $20,000 to remodel and change facilities.”

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