HIV/AIDS still creating devastation throughout Africa.

By March 15, 2005

Zambia (MNN) — Reports indicate the AIDS epidemic continues its rampage of devastation in Africa.

Executive Director of IN Network-Zambia, Thomas and Joyce Lumba, say that “in Zambia we continue to experience the most devastating time with losses on family members, friends, church members due to the AIDS epidemic.”

IN Network-Zambia’s latest figures show that their women and girls are most vulnerable to the HIV virus, with more than 3 out of 5 testing positive.

As many organizations are confronting the epidemic, some positive change has been seen in the fight against the spread of AIDS. IN Network is teaching families, singles and youth groups the Christian message of hope and truth found in Jesus.

Working in Zambia for almost 20 years, IN Network provides theological and skills-training, family care and church planting, all with the purpose of helping national Christians reach their own people with the message of Christ.

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