HIV/AIDS the focus of a conference in the U-S

By November 7, 2005

USA (MNN) — HIV/AIDS is a health issue that’s plaguing the world. 40-million people are HIV positive. 50-million children are orphaned because of this deadly disease. It’s an issue that’s largely been ignored by the Christians, especially in the United States. Beginning Thursday, November 10th, The Global Missions Health Conference will address this issue in a three day conference.

President of Food for the Hungry Ben Homan will be one of the speakers at the event that will be held at the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s praying that, “The church would lead, that evangelical leaders that we would not sit back and watch others respond, but that we would lead the effort. I certainly believe the church is coming around and awakening to the role that God would have for us.”

With the number of HIV/AIDS infections increasing, Homan says this conference couldn’t come at a better time. “HIV/AIDS is critically impairing some many communities in Africa and killing so many young people. We need to focus on bringing hope and health to people right now. It’s critical. It’s urgent.”

The hope can only come through Jesus Christ. Homan believes as Christians get involved and help, many young people will come to know Christ, which will have an impact. “Everybody is made in the image of God and I believe people who follow after Christ definitely have an advantage and an incentive to change their behavior.”

Homan says Food for the Hungry is already taking an active role already as they are developing partnerships. “One of the great partnerships that exists is a partnership between Food for the Hungry and eight other agencies that are based in North America. We have banded together and pooled our resources and are operating as a unit in about seven countries right now. And, it’s really a success story of how different organizations and ministries can cooperate and then on the field cooperate with the church.”

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