HIV/AIDS tool proves effective worldwide

By March 17, 2009

International (MNN) — New
reports show at least three percent of Washington DC residents have HIV or
AIDS. The numbers are a startling
revelation and paint a grim picture of the loss of ground in the fight against
the disease.

A one-percent
threshold constitutes a "generalized and severe" epidemic, according
to health officials. The 2008
epidemiology report by the United State's Washington district of Columbia's
HIV/AIDS office shows infection rates rising throughout the United States.  

The director of the District's HIV/AIDS
Administration, once the head of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention's work in Zimbabwe, says, "Our rates are higher than West Africa. They're on par with Uganda and some parts of

AIDS was the top killer among infectious diseases in China
for the first time last year. The number
of confirmed HIV infections also nearly doubled to 264,302 from 135,630 in

Governments are trying to put
together an effective way to deal with the problem, which is faced on multiple
fronts. On one hand, there is the
problem of prevention, so the healthy remain healthy. On the other hand, there is the treatment and
access to antivirals for the millions who are fighting to stay alive.

Both approaches are costly in
terms of manpower and resources.

That's why a simple tool has
proven to be a boon. In January  2008, E3 Partners and SIM International released the HIV/HOPE Cube in the hopes of
stemming the rate of new infections. The
cube makes it possible to share the heart of Christ along with the message of
preventing HIV/AIDS.

The Cube uses pictures to dispel
stigma and shows how to prevent the spread of HIV. The team, led by Steve
McCool, is developing a curriculum to teach people how to effectively use the

They're also working on
government proposals that will allow them to work in countries devastated by

Pray that each HOPE cube opens a
door through which many are led to Christ.

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