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Published on 11 May, 2012

Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ in Vietnam

Vietnam (MNN) — On May 9, 2011, a protest of Hmong
Christians for more religious freedom and land reforms was quashed by security
forces in Vietnam. The clashes resulted in the death of 28 people. Scores more
went missing.

Later that month, unarmed Viet-Hmong protesters were
the targets of helicopter attacks along the northern Vietnam border. By May 24,
reports showed 63 peaceful protesters had been killed.

A year later, it seems little has changed. In March,
the BBC reported that eight Hmong from the 2011 clashes had been given
two-and-a-half year sentences for "disturbing social order." Recently, Hmong
believers have also been thrust from their homes.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports Hmong believers in
Vietnam are facing opposition from village authorities because of their recent
adoption of Christianity. Three families were expelled from their village in
Cao Bang province, in northern Vietnam, because of their recent adoption of
Christianity. Each family came to faith after a Hmong Christian worker prayed
for an ill family member and the family member recovered from illness.

The families, which include a total of 13 people, must
find a new place to live because officials will not allow Christians in their

Likewise, in Thai Nguyen province, also in northern
Vietnam, a Hmong family was compelled to leave their village because village
leaders opposed their Christian faith. One family member had been very ill, but
she recovered after moving to a Christian village and receiving prayer.

Hmong believers continue to face the stigma that they
are somehow imperialists with American sympathies. Prejudices against them have
lingered since they helped the CIA during the Vietnam conflict.  

Pray for the Hmong Christians of Vietnam. Pray that
these specific families would continue to be bold witnesses for Christ even
after losing everything to follow Him. Ask the Lord to supply all their needs.

To learn more about Vietnam's history of persecution
toward Christians, view the VOM Canada Vietnam Country report.

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