Hmong targeted by Vietnamese troops

By May 24, 2011

Vietnam (MNN) — Unarmed Viet-Hmong protesters are the targets of helicopter attacks along the northern Vietnam border. According to reports, troops are to reacting to Hmong mass rallies seeking human rights and land reforms. The helicopter gunships forced many of the protesters into the mountains.

Vision Beyond Borders works in the region distributing Bibles to the Hmong people. VBB's Wes Flint says, "There's always been a certain unrest among the Hmong, primarily due to the fact that they helped the CIA during the Vietnam conflict."

Flint doesn't understand why Vietnamese troops have taken a high-handed approach. "This was a very peaceful demonstration. My report says 63 protesters have been killed since the outbreak. It was kind of a shock that the Vietnamese army lashed out with this kind of violence."

According to Flint, God is working among the Hmong. "There is a revival going on in Vietnam at this time. And most of that revival is happening with the Hmong people. Even though this persecution has come, I do know that it's not slowing down what God has in store for these people."

That means the need for Bibles is great, too. "Out of 100 people, there is approximately 1 Bible available for the Hmong community, so there's a huge need for Bibles."

The Hmong are doing all they can to get the Bibles delivered. As VBB is able to get them into the country, "Quite often they will have to load them on a bus and drive three to four days north from Saigon. They go through military check-points. Quite often those who are on the bus will put the Bibles in backpacks and hike through the jungle."

Flint says, "They're willing to suffer the consequences if they get caught. If they get caught, it can mean imprisonment or torture. There's such a hunger for God's Word that they're willing to take that risk."

According to Flint, the Hmong are practicing their faith. "They pray for those who persecute them. They pray for those who want to harm them. They exhibit the love of Christ in a beautiful way."

You can help purchase and ship Bibles to the region. Your $100 gift can go a long way to getting Bibles into the hands of a Hmong believer.

Click here to help Vision Beyond Borders supply Bibles to the Hmong people, vital to their growth. "The only real change that comes into the heart or the lives of people is through God's Word. So through the Hmong church and the growth of the Hmong community, we're doing everything we can do to get them Bibles."

As you pray for the Hmong, pray also for the approximately 300 pastors and Christians who are currently imprisoned.

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