Hollande takes election, not necessarily economy

By May 9, 2012

France (MNN) — The weekend's presidential elections in France have set the world abuzz with chatter over economic times to come.

Former president Nocolas Sarkozy is the 11th European leader to lose his job since the 2008 credit crisis began, notes The Chronicle Herald. This election was proof that the French people were not impressed by government austerity alone to revive the economy.

Austerity, or the spending cuts imposed on governments meant to quell the debt crises, was a major issue in new socialist president Francois Hollande's campaign. Hollande claimed he would rein in spending cuts and impose higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations, Fox News reports.

"Francois Hollande had promoted his candidacy espousing many of the same fiscal goals that his predecessor had done. However, his party represents a different approach to achieving some of the same goals. The fact that he did win does not necessarily mean that there will be major change in France," notes Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope.

Many fear what may happen to the global economy if France rejects the austerity measures favored by Germany. If France were really to go against the European Union, the strength of the Euro may wane, causing all sorts of globe-sized problems.

But DeYoung suggests people should not be so hasty in their worrying.

"To the extent to which [France's policies] can actually change, regardless of what political promises the new French president elect may have made, that's a limited possibility because Germany is still holding the cards," DeYoung explains. "And with German elections coming up in the next year or so, the mood of that government probably will not be to give into very much change."

DeYoung adds, "The election of French president elect Francois Hollande is probably not going to make major changes in the short term, although the volatility and uncertainty in this world continues, and once again the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the sovereignty of God are the only things about which we can be absolutely sure."

Only 1% of the French population knows the Lord as Savior. Pray that this election would only cause more people — French or otherwise — to cling to Christ.

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