Hollywood actor urges teens to share the Gospel

By July 2, 2007

USA (MNN) — It's not everyday that America's young people are encouraged by Hollywood to live their lives for Jesus Christ. But teens at the Warrior Leadership Summit put on by Ron Hutchcraft Ministries are being told to do just that. Actor Stephen Baldwin, one of the famous "Baldwin Brothers" spoke to the hundreds of teens gathered in Roach, Missiouri for the summit. He told them their lives are a process of falling in love with God, and being committed to Him will bring blessings upon their lives. 

Baldwin, in his off-the-cuff manner, told the crowd that their relationship with God is more important than material things in this world, and that sharing the gospel can be demonstrated through their lives even now. He related the story of his own conversion; how the nanny he hired after his first daughter was born had been praying for his family. And not only her, but her friends from Brazil had also been on their knees for Baldwin and his young family. Within five years, Baldwin's wife, daughter, and he himself had surrendered their lives to God and were embarking on a ministry to youth in America.

The teens also spent time worshiping together and sharing in the experiences of making the trip to Missouri. One group of teens arrived from Alaska, from a town so small they have to fly 400 miles just to reach the nearest road.

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