Honduran hospital provides new hope for disabled children

By April 6, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Eighty percent of Honduran families cannot afford to pay healthcare. Many have nowhere to turn for themselves, no less their children.

CURE International has been providing free healthcare for disabled Honduran children for the past five years. CURE's Mark Bush explains that after treating so many children, it was finally time to build a facility of their own.

"In 2004 we started our ministry in an existing facility called the Leonardo Martinez Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. And we have decided, over the last couple of years, that it made more sense for us to create our own smaller facility and be able to really focus the activity of the hospital just on the disabled child."

The new hospital opened in January 2009 but held its grand opening celebration last week. Since the facility has been open, it has already treated 1,200 children and performed over 100 surgeries. While providing exemplary and cost-free care, the hospital is ultimately able to touch children and parents with the love of Christ.

"A child comes in unable to walk, unable to eat, unable to pick a ball up and throw it. And within a week, or less than that in some cases, they're able to walk out of the hospital, throw that ball and feed themselves. So it has such a significant impact on not only the child, but also the caregiver," says Bush. "The miracle of healing has such a significant impact on them. It's just an incredible opportunity to share the message of Christ and to give them that hope to beyond just the hope of healing for their child, but the hope of eternal life."

In order to provide the care that allows for these opportunities, proper funding is necessary. This has become a bit of a concern now that minimum wage has increased in Honduras. Of course CURE will comply to the new law, but this may compromise the amount of surgeries they are able to perform.

CURE's new hospital is doing great things, permanently changing lives on earth and for eternity. If you would like to be a part of this, click here and help CURE remain a godly oasis in Honduras.

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