Honduran ministry team slips in under the wire

By August 28, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Efforts to resolve the presidential
crisis in Honduras have been unsuccessful. 

Interim leader Roberto Michelett is still pushing for a Nov.
29 presidential election to pick ousted Manuel
Zelaya's successor.

The ballot was scheduled before Zelaya was
forcibly removed from office on June 28. Zelaya opponents feared he wanted
to expand his term by overturning term limits in the Honduran constitution.

Negotiations have been ongoing to put an end to the political
impasse, the most recent round ending with the threat of sanctions. As a result, the U.S. will suspend issuing non-emergency
and non-immigrant visas through its embassy in Honduras.

(editor's clarification: sanctions only apply to Hondurans trying to come TO the United States.)

Doors are still open. Stacey Halleen with Orphan Outreach says a team
of ten from City Church in Pennsylvania arrived
to work in an area near Tegucigalpa to minister in a school (Amor, Fe, Y
Esperanza) to the kids living in the dump.  

Halleen says, "Half of the team did medical clinics
throughout the week, and the other half did a VBS (Vacation Bible School)  curriculum with the students. They taught
science and were able to plant a garden." 

Why a garden? "The theme was the parable of the soils,
and so the VBS taught on that, and then they got to kind of live it out when
they went and actually planted the garden," said Halleen.   

Aside from the Gospel, the team wanted "to leave
something with the ministry there that they could use to reach out to their own community and provide for the kids
at the school," Halleen continued. The Orphan Outreach team also wanted Hondurans to have a "memory of things that they'd learned and
something that actually applied what Jesus talked about in the Bible."

People were open to the Gospel, Halleen said. There were many opportunities to plant the
seeds of Jesus Christ. Aside from serving the children at the school, the medical team saw over 300 at the
medical clinic.

Keep praying that the
local ministry partner will continue to cultivate relationships. Orphan Outreach plans to send another team
December 6-13. Details can be found

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